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Croyle & Associates, PC provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. We strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Tax and Audit Services

We work with our clients throughout the year to assure that their internal financial statements are prepared—and are timely and accurate. With timely and accurate financial information, we can provide meaningful advice to minimize tax liabilities. At year-end, we perform audits and reviews of financial statements and prepare tax returns for our corporate clients and their owners.

Business Advisory Services

We apply a proven process that considers our clients’ short and long-term personal and corporate goals, as well as the ultimate valuation and sale of their business. We help our clients understand how they make and lose money. And, finally, we get to know them personally, as financial decisions are often made with family and lifestyle issues in mind.

How We Work

Complimentary Initial Consultation
We meet with prospective clients during a complimentary initial consultation to discuss their goals for the business, their personal financial situation, and our services to see if there is a fit.

Financial Projections
Once retained, Croyle & Associates, PC, will provide a complimentary five-year financial "look back" and a five-year projection - assuming the information is available. This analysis helps our clients, and us, to better understand their businesses.

Corporate and Personal Tax Returns, Review and Audit
Following a review of our clients' internal financial records, we then prepare their corporate and personal tax returns, and reviewed or audited financial statements, if required. We also make sure that our clients fully understand their financial statements.

Proactive Advice and Business Strategies
In addition to completing tax returns and reviewed or audited financial statements, we can recommend a plan of proactive strategies for maximizing a company's profit potential and business valuation. We're available throughout the year to advise our clients with unlimited phone calls and meetings. We want our clients to feel comfortable contacting us at any time to discuss their concerns or ideas. This is the added-value that Croyle & Associates, PC provides.

Advisory Team
If a client is satisfied with their current CPA and wants them to continue to do their compliance work, we'll coordinate with them to get the financial information we need to provide business advisory services. If other trusted professionals are needed to round out a total advisory team, we'll leverage our extensive network of advisors in other disciplines to be sure our clients have the most capable team working on their behalf.

Fixed Fee Option

At Croyle & Associates, PC, we offer a choice of business advisory service options to fit our clients' budget and business goals. Wherever possible, we charge a fixed fee for both the compliance and business advisory work we perform so that our clients can anticipate the overall fee for the year. They choose the options that fit their compliance and business advisory needs, and decide how they want to pay for their services. Many clients choose to pay the total annual fee in monthly installments. For additional work requested outside of the fixed fee agreement, we'll discuss the additional cost before completing the work.

Commitment to Client Education

At Croyle & Associates, PC, client education is a hallmark of what we do. We begin by helping our clients better understand their financial statements, because their financial statements tell the story of their business. We also reconfigure their financial statements, as needed, so they are more meaningful and useful in helping them make important decisions.

We teach business owners to determine where their companies make and lose money. We do this by providing in-depth, financial and business advisory services, as well as personalized education and training. We also offer off-site meeting space, and other resources to facilitate our clients' strategic business planning and growth. Croyle & Associates also offers a variety of business education programs in collaboration with other forward-thinking advisors.

Contact Us!

If you're looking for a financial partner to help you create an exceptional business, increase the value of your business, and reach your personal and financial goals, please consider Croyle & Associates, PC as your accounting, tax and business advisory firm. Contact us for more information, and a complimentary initial consultation: 781-581-7600 x202. You can also email us at:

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